Polypropylene straps are used for fastening cargo to pallets. These straps are suitable for fastening smaller packages. PP straps make a great choice in terms of quality and price.

The force required for holding the trap may be calculated by using the following formula:

F=X*1.5/k, where F – the required tape holding force; X – weight of the product, pallet to be packed, k – number of fastening points.

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Technical data

Base Purpose Properties Application Fastening tools


For fastening cargos to pallets, for reinforcement of packages. The straps are corrosion-resistant, made of recyclable materials, characteristic of rather high breaking force, easy to use In building material, wood processing, furniture manufacture, metal manufacture industries, logistics companies

Manual packing

Automatic packing

Wire buckles

Plastic buckles

Metal clamps

Tape sealing

The most popular dimensions
Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Holding force

9 mm

12 mm

12 mm

12 mm

15 mm

16 mm

19 mm

0.4 mm

0.55 mm

0.55 mm

0.7 mm

0.8 mm

0.8 mm

0.6 mm

0.9 mm

55 kg

110 kg

150 kg

220 kg

270 kg

280 kg

250 kg

415 kg

Other dimensions of straps are available.

Colours: white, black and others.

Inner diameter of the shell: 200, 406

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