We recommend replacing the standard stretch film with overstretched Stretch Forte film made of the top quality raw materials.

Stretch Forte is a film of the latest generation characteristic of competitive advantages in comparison to the standard stretch film.

Special wrapping technique used for Forte enables employees to wrap pallets wasting less effort.

Why Stretch Forte?

There is no need

for stretching Forte film:

a freely unwrapped film gives stability to products stacked on a pallet.



Forte film is thinner,

so you will use less of it simultaneously reducing environmental pollution.

Forte film is rigid: it does not need to be stretched while wrapping,

so employees would not get tired



You will save up to 30 percent of the sum

spent on packing

Comparison of the standard stretch and Forte films on a video file

Advantages of Forte film in comparison to other overstretched films

Trainings for employees – How to wrap correctly using Forte film

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