PET textile strap is made with polyester threads by covering them with a special mass. This strap is characteristic of particularly high breaking force. Perfect for protection of individual packages. The strap is soft so it is easier to use as compared to a metal strap.

The force required for holding the strap may be calculated by using the following formula:

F=X*1.5/k, where F – the required tape holding force; X – weight of the product, pallet to be packed, k – number of fastening points.

Colour. White, based on the placed orders: with print, other colours
The inner diameter of the roll: 76 mm; 60 mm

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Technical data

Base Purpose Properties Application Fastening tools
Polyester threads + hot-melt For fastening cargos to pallets, for reinforcement of heavy cargos. Rust-free, no sharp corners, high resistance to shock (in case of emergency braking) Waste sorting, wood industry

Manual packing

Wire buckles

Plastic buckles

The most popular dimensions
Width (mm) Holding force
13 mm

16 mm

19 mm

25 mm

380 kg

450 kg

550 kg

950 kg

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