Adhesive tapes are classified based on glue types, different types of glue are characteristic of different properties, tapes are usually selected depending on conditions of use. Humidity and surface preparation have the biggest impact on adhesive properties of the tape.

For manual packing:

Width: 12; 15; 19; 24; 36; 48; 72; 75.
Thickness: 38; 40; 43; 45; 48 my
Length: 45; 54; 60; 66; 132; 150 m
Colours: transparent, brown, white, blue, red, green, yellow

For automatic packing:

Width: 48; 50; 72; 75
Thickness: 38; 43; 45;
Length: 900; 990 m.
Colours: transparent, brown.

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Technical data

Glue type Properties Application Base Resistance to temperature
Acryl Resistant to UV rays

Suitable for long-term storage

Adheres to various clean or cleaned surfaces

Highly transparent

For sealing packages made of corrugated cardboard and other types of packages of different sizes

Must be stored at a temperature of 18-24°C before use

PP (polypropylene) -20°C – +50°C
Synthetic rubber (hot-melt) Strong initial adhesion

Ideal for sealing boxes

Does not adhere to plastic surfaces

PP (polypropylene) -5°C – +60°C
Natural rubber                                                                                       (solvent) Adheres to various surfaces

Resistant to humidity

Resistant to negative temperature

PP (polypropylene)




-25°C – +65°C

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